Agent Testimonials

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a dominant, agent empowered Real Estate company in Northern Virginia. We will provide an environment that is fun, friendly and fosters the sharing of ideas so that everyone succeeds. At RE/MAX Gateway, you will make more money because you do more deals, not because you have a higher commission split. You do more deals because RE/MAX Gateway creates an environment that ensures your success.

We only hire agents and support staff that believe in this philosophy as well as have outstanding reputations professionally and ethically. This helps us perpetuate the upbeat, positive environment we have created. If you share these values, RE/MAX Gateway may be the right place for you!

“At RE/MAX Gateway, we have systems in place that help our agents define a service culture. We make sure the agents have the technology, the materials and the training to be as successful as they can be. RE/MAX Gateway creates an environment that ensures your success.”

- Scott MacDonald

“What Do These Extraordinary Agents Know - That Others Don’t?”

Here's what some of our agents have to say about working at RE/MAX Gateway...

John Rumcik

“I came to Gateway for all of the outstanding opportunities & programs including our short sales program, Homes for Heroes, Home Pricing Wizard which make Gateway second to none. Gateway wants to have the most knowledgeable & hardest working agents in the business & they do. I am successful & a lot of it has to do with the environment & the opportunities here at RE/MAX Gateway.”

Dawn Laughlin

“RE/MAX Gateway keeps me current on the market. Thanks to RE/MAX Gateway I am on top of things that are cutting edge.”

Dan Radtke

“I like the disseminating of information on new technology and programs. There is a lot out there and RE/MAX Gateway does a good job of showing us technology that we helps us in our business.”

Suzie branco zinn

“Everything that we are offered here is agent focused and we have really been able to use it. A lot of the programs we don’t have to pay for, they are included. The brokers acknowledge each of us individually and as a group. You don’t get lost in the crowd here.”

Mike Labrash

"With my 20 years plus of being an agent, RE/MAX Gateway is far superior to any other agency I have ever been affiliated with. Not only do I feel that we are personal friends, you have shared so much with me. The camaraderie with our fellow agents is amazing! With other agencies, the other agents were not willing to share what their secret sauce is, and they kept their ideas closely guarded. I feel like I have an extended family here at Gateway!"